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Friday, November 30, 2007



AND NOW Latest news :

from the Twins front office "any trade involving Johan Santana with the Yankee's MUST include Phil Hughes"


see what you can in the open market, I say

We'll get Sabathia Next year who's comming into his own, and in my opinion not overworked or an old "29" and may have a brighter future than Santana? who knows?

Hey Johan this message is to you if you want to become a Yankee hey dont sign the paper hit the market in 2008!

because, I for one dont want this trade!

................And trade WHO??? ...Joba the phenom or Phil the next spector or steady Ian , no way! If he wants to become a Yankee he'll wait til 08 as F.A. There is something to be said about comradary and "The Big Three" as they're refered to as of now of Kennedy, Hughes and Joba even though Joba is a bit of a lone wolf renegade (All came up together!)
Ask Jeter, Posada, Pettite and Mariano!
I'd only trade Cano with Cabrera and Clipard and a few others minor league B+ type pitchers and or Austin Jackson or Tabata with maybee Wang maybee and try to entice Minnesota by eating the majority of contract! ... If this isn't good enough than "F" them


Thursday, November 29, 2007

WHO are your Untouchables?

Comment on who your untouchables are. My untouchables are Joba, Hughes, Jackson, Tabata, Betances, Agnello, and Montero.

Comment on who you are willing to deal. I am willing to deal Kennedy, Melky, Humberto Sanchez, Alan Horne, and even Cano in the right deal. For example Cano and Melky for Santana!


With the Red Sox and the Yankees again doing battle, but this time during the hot stove upcoming week, why is it that all we hear is that the Yankees are going to have to include Phillip Hughes in any deal for Santana. The Red Sox have publicly stated that they will not include Ellsbury and Bucholz. The Mets have recently stated that Jose Reyes will not be included in any deal.

Why isn't Hughes listed as an untouchable along with Joba? If the Red Sox are offering Coco Crisp, Jon Lester, Masterson, and another prospect and the Mets are offering Lastings Milledge (more like baggage), Mike Pelfry, and a Chris Gomez why are we even considering putting Hughes in this deal. I consider Hughes and Joba 1a and 1b. Hughes is a big kid who is still only 21 years old. He is still developing and you cannot discount his easy fluid motion that was bringing 95 mph heat in the minors. I do realize that he was throwing 91-91 mph on the big stage but this is a kid that was on the DL for most of the season and had to start it up all over again. He is still developing people and at worse he is a very good #2 starter for years to come.

What are the Red Sox offering? Lester is at best a number 3. Masterson has potential but not ace potential like Hughes. Coco Crisp, are you kidding me, the Red Sox want to give him away. What are the Mets offering? Milledge who has not endeared himself with his teamates. He is a headache! Pelfry is either not ready or just not that good as was evident when he was called up. Maybe one day he becomes a #2 starter at best. Chris Gomez has a big ceiling but he still yet to develop as a hitter. He has the tools but tools are just that for positional players. Why not make Hughes our untouchable? If he would have thrown that no hitter before he pulled his hamstring would that have made a difference? Bucholz throws a no hitter and the Red Sox declared him untouchable meanwhile he was ranked below Hughes in the minors as Hughes was ranked the 2 best prospect behind the Royals 3rd baseman Gordon.

The Yankees should stand tough and not let the twins bait them into trading the farm away. It is widely known that the Twins make good deals for themselves going back to Ryan, there last GM. I say offering Kennedy who may one day be a very good #2 starter at best and a #3 at worse. Also throw in Melky whom the Twins have high regard for as he was once compared to Kirby Puckett with his skill set. Lastly thrown in an Alan Horne whom was ranked the best double A pitcher for 2007. He has electric stuff.

Do not give them Tabata or Jackson. Do not give them Betances. Hold onto our future. The Red Sox certainly intend to and the Mets have no real weapons to dangle without adding Reyes to the trade. So why are we outbidding ourselves and letting Red Sox fans and Mets fans hope that we trade away the farm for one player so they won't have to worry about a potential dynasty again emerging. Can you imagine if Santana, a smallish lefty does break down after we trade all those chips, and then we watch the Twins with Morneau, Delvin Young, Maier, Melky, Austin Jackson, Tabata, and Hughes light it up in the central. We will be a team with aging overpayed stars with a bleak future if we give in to there demands and sell the farm. I hope Hank reads this!'

Wednesday, November 28, 2007



Twins’ demands for Santana coming into viewPosted by: Ben K. in Hot Stove League, Phil Hughes
As I had to bed after our most trafficked day ever on RAB, let me leave you with some ruminations on Johan Santana, courtesy of Newday’s Kat O’Brien. Ms. O’Brien has a piece in Wednesday’s paper about the pieces the Yankees may need to move to get Santana.
.Take a look:
If the Yankees believe Santana could mean the difference between making the playoffs and making or winning the World Series, they may have to give up a little more than they’d like. That could mean surrendering righthander Phil Hughes along with centerfielder Melky Cabrera and another prospect (possibly pitcher Alan Horne or outfielders Jose Tabata or Austin Jackson).
Yankees officials have not said exactly what the Twins want for Santana. However, it’s been made clear that the Twins place more value upon Joba Chamberlain and Hughes than on Ian Kennedy, and that a centerfielder most likely must be part of any deal because they lost Torii Hunter to free agency. The Yankees won’t easily give up Chamberlain and Robinson Cano.
This news, of course, is not really new. I noted these exact demands on Sunday, but this whole trade business is feeling more definite.
I don’t like it.
I don’t see how shipping off Phil Hughes, a bona fide pitcher and not just a prospect, for Johan Santana makes the Yankees better in the long run. I don’t see how giving up Melky and another top rated prospect in the deal makes the Yankees better.
Now, I understand that prospects are just that because we don’t know how they are going to turn out, and I understand that fans tend to overvalue their own team’s prospects. I still don’t like this trade. Any trade with Phil Hughes is simply unacceptable at this point. This one is no exception.
I dont like it neither!
In my opinion. I think that We should'nt trade for Santana he becomes a free agent in 2008,
I wouldn't trade any of the big three (Chamberlain, Hughes or Kennedy) I would however trade Melky and I would love to get rid of Cano whom I think would flourish in Minnesota!
Let the Twins sweat it out!!! Let's see the winter meeting come by and nobody take the trade bait! Let the season go by....Than watch Minnesota get desperate to trade him, and maybee his asking price go down?
The only team i fear being able to snatch him from the Yankee's is the angels they have the prospects to get it done! Other than that , I'd wait it out....
better a staff like this -->
Santana L
Chamberlain R
Wang R
Hughes R
Kennedy R/Chase Wright L
than without ???
And what if Joba doesn't work out as a starter, unlikely but still? and they have to put him back in the pen...or need him there? You still have Kenndy and Hughes!
I think Kennedy is going to be a good one I think, Joba is a phenom and Hughes too much potential , I would however package Wang with Cano amd Cabrera.......WHAT DO YOU THINK???
Besides: Next year there are alot top notch pitchers becomming free agents ....Santana...Sabathia ...etc. etc.... etc...
?what do you think?

Sunday, November 25, 2007


You have to give Arod credit he wanted to stay a Yankee?

"felt he owed the fans"

Now only if he can step out from the shadows of Jeter


than again whens the last time "Jeter" was clutch?

.......than maybee THAN!...he can get a ring?


The Dugout: Boy I Swurr

I'm happy that A-Rod is sticking with the Yankees. Yeah, I don't like the Yankees. Yeah, I don't like Alex Rodriguez as a player. However, Nick, Jon, and I would've never started doing the Dugout if he hadn't shown up in New York with Derek Jeter and inserted himself into a series of wacky life situtations. If he didn't show up in the news with strippers or release statements about how sad he is that he doesn't get to have sleepovers with Jeet anymore, we wouldn't have so much fun doing these.
When he was going to end up on another team I kept my fingers crossed that it would be as funny. He could play for the Cubs. We could play the hyperbolic injury angle. If he played for the White Sox we could have him pal with Thome. If he played for the Dodgers he could spend 40 Dugouts watching reruns of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

But things are good in baseball land, and we move on, our heads held high. Apologies to Phil Jackson.

The Dugout

E5_rod: AY CUSE ME

GirardiAndCola: Yes?


GirardiAndCola: Turns out the Florida Marlins didn't really have 400 million dollars to give you, huh?

E5_rod: NO

GirardiAndCola: And the Devil Rays couldn't pony up that 60 year contract I guess?


GirardiAndCola: And the Angels couldn't provide a working space shuttle for you to eat, piece by piece, after having knocked it over with your penis?


pr0FF3ss0r_F4rnsw0rth: yeah they dont sell leggs for your legs in eggs or lee press on nails at this market

GirardiAndCola: Alex, I want to thank you for reaching out to the Yankees and making it clear that you want to be a Yankee. You understand what has to be done.

GirardiAndCola: But before I call the front office, what happened to your agent?



GirardiAndCola: Oh, uh... well, I thought he was around here somewhere...

pr0FF3ss0r_F4rnsw0rth: /eats quietly from giant pile of candy

GirardiAndCola: Look, Alex, you're one of the very best players in baseball. I'm not going to deny you that. But I came here to win a championship for the Yankees, as my novelty jersey suggests.

GirardiAndCola: So seriously, what is wrong with you in the playoffs? Why can't you get the job done and carry us all the way through?



GirardiAndCola: Because of all the penetration?

pr0FF3ss0r_F4rnsw0rth: because you spent the last half of the game clutchen derek jeters shirt an cryen

GirardiAndCola: And all of the kickbacks?

pr0FF3ss0r_F4rnsw0rth: because you kept licken yer palms

E5_rod: BOYYYY


GirardiAndCola: Yeah, but we've got to do this on the down low, so instead of us sending you a check, we're going to have you cut down a bush, descend a hidden staircase, and get your money in precious jewels from a Moblin
long_live_giambi: it's a secret to everyone
Photos link to player info. Photo Credit:


And was the MVP ever really a Question?

Alex Rodriguez " I'd trade all three MVP's for just one ring"

is Arod have the spirit is he a true Yankee see the polls ---->

Saturday, November 24, 2007


In an earlier post I felt that moving Robbie Cano over to 3rd and moving Jeter over to 2nd base was in the Yankees best interest. This was prior to A-ROD-iculous returning. I felt strongly that what Robbie Cano was lacking at 2nd base was range and I also feel that the second baseman should be a speed guy on the basepaths. If you look around the league I do understand that this is only the case at least 60% of the time.

Now that A-ROD is back I feel that Jeter is eventually gonna need a new position. Right now at the age of 34 he still plays an adequate SS. Every year we hear the same sentiments that Jeter's range to his left (middle of diamond) is regressing. We hear that 20+ hits at the very least could have been prevented if you had a solid defensive SS manning the position. What you lose defensively, you gain offensively. But in 2 years are Yankee fans gonna be concerned about his defense even further?

Maybe, maybe not!

But at the rate we are going it looks very possible. Many TV and newspaper analysts feel that Jeter will eventually wind up at 1st base at the end of his career. There is only one problem with this view point. Jorge Posada may already be at that position, or maybe a Jesus Montero, or one of the other big sluggers in the minors that didn't develop at there initial position. We may even have a power hitting 1st baseman with a gold glove.

So what is left?

2nd base is! With Jeter's plus range to his left and plus arm ranging to his left he would play a tight defense up the middle and put up above avg offensive numbers for a 2nd baseman. What do we do with Cano than? Well in my previous article I suggested packaging him with Melky, and Horne for a Santana. Cano could be a #3 hitter in many MLB lineups right now as his swing is very natural and he should continue to put up 300 avg's, 30+HR's, and 100RBI's. Melky may project as a mini Kirby Puckett. This is the most I would be willing to give up for a Santana, an ace lefty who may pitch at that level for 3-4 more years. It's an awful lot but it makes sense in some circles and we wouldn't have to give up any of our top positional players in the minors as well as our big 3 pitchers. Jeter to 2nd? It can happen! What do you think?

Friday, November 16, 2007

The A-Rodiculous Dilema


Looks like the circus never left town. Just when you thought he was out, they pull him back in! WHY?

I remember 4 years ago when A-Rodiculous stood at the podium.... as a new member of the New York Yankees and the whole gang was there. They had Steinbrenner, Torre, and Jeter.

Does anyone remember what A-Rodiculous said at that press conference?
Probably not! For some odd reason I do.
"He stated that "Jeter has 4 world series ring. And I want to get him to 10"

9 would match the number of titles Berra has and 10 would put him in the lead.
He further stated "I want Jeter to have a ring on every finger".

If you could have seen Jeter's face,
you knew by the sarcastic look on his face, that he could have thought of a million places he rather be than at that press conference, while having to listen to this phoney who has not won any titles to date.
And than to act like he is the missing piece of the puzzle. There Jeter stood and everyone knows of the split they had ever sinse A-Rodiculous bashed Jeter a year prior in Sports Illustrated.

Forward 4 years to the 2007 playoffs against the Cleveland Indians.
Here we are in game 4, eight inning and the Yankees down to there final 5 outs and A-Rodiculous comes up to the plate and hits a homerun. Woooohooo. The weight of the world was off his shoulders regardless of the score and the Yankees on the cusp of getting knocked out of the playoffs. There was A-Rodiculous chatting with Robbie Cano and you can sense relief from him.

That's not the Yankee way.
He has never displayed the Yankee way. It looks as if he and his circus act is back, so that solves trading our young pitchers to Florida for Cabrera to replace the lost right handed power bat. But does it really solve the dilema the Yankees have been conflicted with since A-Rodiculous broke onto the scene. Time will tell if he will grow into the uniform and become a Yankee with out a name on the back of the jersey. Time will only tell.





Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Lineup with Santana and without

New Lineup barring we obtain Santana and without Johan

***addition of Santana based on article below:

hitting: pitching:
1-lf Damon (L) 1-Santana (L)
2-2b Jeter (R) 2-Wang (R)
3-rf Abreau (L) 3-Petitte (L)
4-3b A-Rod (R) 4-Hughes (R)
5-c Posada (S) 5-Chamberlain (R)
6-DH Matsui (L)
7-1b Giambi/Shelly Duncan (L)/(R)
8-cf Gardner (L)
9-ss Gonzalez (R)

no new additions based on part 1:

hitting: pitching:
1-lf Damon (L) 1- Wang (R)
2-ss Jeter (R) 2- Petitte (L)
3-rf Abreau (L) 3- Hughes (R)
4-3b A-Rod (R) 4- Chamberlain (R)
5-c Posada (S) 5- Kennedy (R)
6-2b Cano (L)
7-DH Matsui (L)
8-1b Giambi/Shelly Duncan (L)/(R)
9-cf Melky (S)

which team do you like better?
which offense do you think will be more exciting?

.................ITS UP FOR DEBATE!

*****see below to make sense of all these suggested offseason moves and propsed lineup changes OR CLICK THISD POST --->


part 2 of a 2 part series BiLLaBaLLa's 2008 Yankees


Part 2 was prepared prior to the fiasco of A-Rodiculous returning. With the new addition of the old subtractions inevitable return. Part 2 has now been altered. Part 2 is still based on trading some younger players for a Johan Santana and Miguel Cabrera.

Remember, I was in favor of trading none of our prospects in part #1~>

..............and rebuilding with what we have and waiting for the big 2009 class. Now that A-Rod is back our needs may have changed dramatically. The prefix of trading for a Miguel Cabrera prior to A-Rods return was on one condition and that is that he would have to agree on moving to 1st base and also on a new contract especially when giving up young players.

Well my stance hasn't changed but our needs have. Prior I was reluctingly willing to part with a Ian Kennedy, Russ Olendorf, and Melky to bring in Cabrera which is what it would take to get him. Now that has changed. It sounds like Cabrera is probably going to either the Angels or Dodgers which saves us from trading any of these prospects which is what I wanted. Maybe wherever he winds up he will refuse to sign and go the free agent path in 2009 and than we can bring him in to play 1base. Giambi and Farnsworth will be forgotten headaches by than and Damon and Matsui whom I'm not opposed to trading, will have one more year left.

The big story now is that of Johan Santana. My sources and they are credible at the very least are stating the Yankees and Twins have talked and exchanged names to make a trade happen. The Twins are reluctant to trade him yet based on the fact that they now have a new stadium and they want him starting in the new stadium with hopes to resign him. There fan base would be up in arms if they traded him.

So in order to get him now your gonna have to blow away the Twins with an offer. The rumor is that Cano will have to be involved in the trade just to start it. My feelings based on multiple sources is that Melky and 1 of the big 3 along with a top level prospect would also have to be involved.

Well you know as well as I do that the Yankees cannot give up Cano, Melk, IPK, and a (Tabata or Betances) for Santana.

My initial proposal once again prior to the A-Rod circus returning was to trade Cano, Melk, Steven White, and a Humberto Sanchez to obtain Santana.

Remember we are getting one of the top 3 pitchers in baseball that is in his prime and throws LEFTY

! I do not want to part with any prospects but trading these 3 for Santana would make the Yankees instantaneously stronger. Where losing 2 young starting position players (in Cano's case a star in the making) and 2 unknow minor league pitchers.

We now open up 2nd base for Jeter begin the rest of his career defending which is what I stressed in part 1 anyhow............ We than give Brett Gardner or Austin Jackson ( the 2 closest MLB ready players) a shot to start in CF thus replacing Melky and keeping the team infused with youngsters.

In Brett Gardner's case your adding a player that can steal you 40 bases, is an above avg fielder who will get better, has an above avg arm, and will slap the ball to all fields with little power. These are the type of players that we need to help create excitement in this lineup with the addition of speed. These are the type of players that Girardi will desire in order to help rid this team of the Joe Torre base to base offense that shuts down in the playoffs.

One of these 2 will be ready to make the jump and both are plus defenders. At the very worse they may not add much offensively but with this lineup I'm sure as the year progresses they will fit in like a Dustin Pedroia did. The shortstop can be filled by Alberto Gonzalez (until Carmine Agnello is ready) whom will be an upgrade defensively with scouts saying he has the potential to be a gold glover. He may not hit better than .250 with 5 homeruns and 40 RBI's but defensively our team has improved behind this new starting rotation that would be second to none.

Our new rotation will be Santana, Wang, Petite, Hughes, and Chamberlain. Wow! Give them some defense and we have the team to beat once again.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


  • Well well well what a tangled web we weave

  • ................ it seems all the chatter of "A Bernie Like" replacement for Arod in Miguel Cabreara or Andruw Jones , Miguel Tejada or even Shelley Duncan by my previous posts. And the ludicris talk of fellow editor BiLLyBaLLa of putting Jeter at second and Cano at third and to bring up project in the works Austin Jackson or undersized for rightfield , and I should be playing second Jose Tabata .........and going with no righty power "minus Arod "in 2008 in BiLLyBaLLa's minor league blog

is all for NOT ...............---> due to recent news and AOL FAN BLOG going Arod crazy

Bulleted List

Yes we do need Arod and he needs us, however I wont believe it until I see him signing that contract , there is alot of reason Arod would want to talk to the Yankee's I can sum it up in one word LEVERAGE!

We shall see????

We at Memo will be making a few changed in the next few days, and we also will discuss future trade options, with Arod on our roster which changes alot of things, WE DONT NEED A BIG RIGHTY BAT NO MORE FOR ONE

see you soon =D

in the meantime, wont you check out Mr.BiLLyBaLLa's minor league report blog


Monday, November 12, 2007

My version of the 2008 N.Y. Yankees by Mr.BiLLyBaLLa

Hello Memo; to George subscribers,

This is a new blog covering the NY Yankees and we hope that we can keep you up to date on the everyday activities of the greatest franchise in the World. I am BillyBalla, one of the covering editors to Memo; to George M. Steinbrenner. The other editor goes by the name mr. Yankee. As you will quickly discover we do not agree on anything sport or general world topics related. I shall refer to him as mrs. Yankee. Why you ask should I insult our female subscribers with his new name change? One reason and one reason only is he lacks the knowledge of a true male Yankee fan with his outrageous suggestions on what Brian "the GM" CASHman should do to tweak this team to be rightful front runners again. He lacks vision, vision I shall enlighten you with now with my 2 part series of events that covers both angles of rebuilding for 2009 or restocking for a run in 2008. I hope you enjoy!

Part 1:

My feelings are that the NY Yankees need to keep all there farmhands and not making any blockbuster trades. Part 1 emphasizes and prioritizes team defense and young pitching. The influx of youth is essential to remake this franchise into a Dynasty again. Lets start with the resigning of MO better blues Rivera and hip hip Jorge Posada. Now with the addition of the big 3 pitchers; Joba, King Phillip, and IPK
in the rotation along with the Wangster and God willing Andy snake eyes Pettite as we are all done with watching the Moose nip pick at the corners and get slapped around when he's off by a millimeter. Adding those 3 youthful pitchers along with some much needed youth in the bullpen with a Russ Ohlendorf, a hopefully healthy Humberto Sanchez, Mark Melancon, and perhaps J. Brent Cox sometime during the season. Ridding the team of Kyle Farnsworthless and lefty non-specialist Ronald the villain Villone needs to be done.Now your relief corps has Mo anchoring a much younger group with room to only get better in a call it what you want but I insist on referring to it as a rebuilding year in by the way the last year in the Real Yankee Stadium.

Now lets go around the horn shall we. We all know that hip hip Jorge needs to be resigned, hopefully at only 3 years as we need to rid ourselves of these obnoxious long contracts with old players. Well hip hip is our catcher until Jesus Montero, Austine Romine, or Brandon Laird is ready to take the spot. At 1st we go with a platoon of Jason I'm so happy this is your last year Giambino and Shelly the crazed Duncan. A righty / lefty platoon that lacks glove and will be replaced by Andy Phillips in the 7th inning on in close games. Now we move Robbie Cano to 3rd base. Cano has decent range and a power arm and he hits more like a 3rd basemen. He is a future 300. plus avg, 20+ home runs, and 90-100+ rbi's. That's perfect for a 3rd basemen. Now here comes the shocker, I suggest we move Derek el capitan Jeter to 2nd base. Why 2nd base? Well it's obvious. Joe the skipper Girardi himself admitted this past year in the YES booth that what Jeter lacks and it has been his only real flaw is the ability to range towards the middle of the diamond, towards second base, thus cutting off 30+ hits a season. Jeter has good range to his left and as a 2nd basemen his range would be an improvement over Cano. He may cut off some balls that Cano seemed to unintentionally lackadaisically flail his glove at while not diving to cut the ball from escaping to the outfield. Cano has excellent reflexes and an outstanding arm, 2 much needed strengths on 3rd base. Jeter will add offense to 2nd base and Cano will continue to create offense on 3rd base, a offensive position if you will throughout baseball history. Now we need a stop gap shortstop until Carmine Angelini develops. My suggestion is letting the kid from the Randy Johnson trade Alberto Gonzalez man the position until than. He is said to have gold glove caliber skills right now with little pop. Well we are losing pop from that position but we are gaining an overall outstanding and improved defensive infielder for our young pitching staff. Maybe sometime during the season you add a !st basemen with a glove and stick without giving up too much if we are in the playoff hunt.

Now for the outfield. Leave the Melk man in CF as his arm makes up for any loss of speed he may have. He will only improve offensively as well as some feel that he has the potential one day to be a mini Kirby Puckett. I'll take half of Kirby.

Damon will man LF and that alson increases your speed out there even though he lacks any resemblance of a major league arm. I've seen girls in HS throwm more dignified than him. But his offensive prowess makes up for that arm and his uncanny stand up attitude makes up for the rest. Bobby Abreau God bless you gazoon-tite will be in RF for the final year of his contract and his arm and speed are above avg. This defensive outfield while not the best is at best above average and can improve for last year offensively. During the season maybe we give a Austin Jackson, Brett the fastest minor league player alive Gardner, and Jose Tabata a shot to make a name for themselves and platoon with a veteran or fill in during injuries. These are the future outfielders along with a Abe Almonte that we hope to see creating excitement in the new Yankee Stadium. The speed in Gardner and Jackson can only improve a base to base lineup that we all know Girardi will insist on changing. Part UNO keeps our system stocked with blue chip potential ballers. The fact of the matter is that Boston is the team to beat right now and we need to concentrate on not going for it only for 2008 but for rebuilding a dynasty in the coming years. We can do so while contending next year. This team will prove to be more exciting defensively and more exciting offensively as the days of waiting for the big hit that never comes in playoffs of late are over. The days of getting back to strong pitching and manufacturing runs on days when the bats are cold all while playing outstanding defense limited the opposing teams scoring chances.

In 2009 the free agent market stands to be overwhelmingly good, that is if Santana, CC Sabathia, and Miggy Cabrera do not sigh prior. Regardless we would not be sacrificing our future. Making trades now prior to the 2008 season is risky in that we will most certainly overpay. Waiting for the free agent crop of 2009 may also be risky in that those big free agents may have been traded to other teams that have resigned them to long term deals. This is the chance I am willing to take in order to see this rebuilding through. Gone are the days of Z-Rod (zero rod) and his greedy, non genuine characteristics that so per versed Yankee baseball these past 4 years. These were not our 1996-2001 Yankees we lived and dies for. It became a circus led by the ring leader z-Rod.

Part 2 will cover the opposite spectrum where we should trade some of the youth to improve our team in 2008 and beyond. Trading for a Johan Santana, Miggy Cabrera, Miguel Tejada, maybe Scott Rolen will be covered. Part 2 covers those young Yankees I would be willing to trade, but caution, it may or may not get the trade done. It is mere rumors and back alley chatter tossed around the general meetings with further conjectures added to spice up an already twisted possibility. I will pointedly demand that Miggy Cabrera should only be traded for with his knowledge that he will be the 1st basemen. Santana would have to be resigned along with Miggy for these trades to go through. This will all be covered in part 2. I hope you enjoyed part 1 and remember caution with an eye towards the future is my hope. I would hope as a Yankee fan that part 1 is at least considered.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


More then a thirdbaseman at 55 HR 130+RBI. what we WILL MISS THE MOST in losing in a Power righty bat in between all those leftys protecting them at cleanup, which will be missed the most!

Now I think Arod knows he's made a bad decision in opting out,
I dont believe he thought it would go like this.
Yes he might still get his 30mil ............. But I do believe that he thought the Yankees would bid on him too.

Now "Arob the 350 million dollar man" he may only get 5 or 6 years, not the 8 or 10 years he desires, and he might not get 30 mil but only 25 or even 20 mil, as there isnt alot of buzz in signing him thus far to this date.

30 mil is alot to play for a player, where as that money can be spent more wisely on 2 or 3 a+ pitchers prospects

Yankes General Manager Brian Cashman will offer Arod arbitration and who knows Arod a public relations media whore who knows he percieved as a villan might take it now, giving the Yankees a discount?

However this is highly doubtfull!

..........Cashman is only doing this so if they do lose Arod they will be compensated with two high draft picks basically, shrewd move!

But really we should move on!

...............So how do you replace Arod?

You dont!
You cant!

But we can still get someone of Bernie William's stature to bat cleanup inbetween the lefty bats of Bobby Abreu's and Hideki Matsui's, Jason Giambi's and Jorge Posada's

One such suggestion this editor made although staff member disagrees with me is


((((btw that's suppose to read shelly duncan NOT eric above)))))

The next suggestion is to make a trade?

We have so much talent in the minors Austin Jackson, Jose Tabata, Brett Gardner and more pitchers then I can shake a stick at ,that we cant possibily try them all out!
we need to trade some of them?------------>


miguel cabrera and D willis


melky, cano, tabata and a few mid level pitcher maybee one "A" pitching prospect?

to .... me melky a energizer type player enthuisiasm can be replaced by a Gardner OR a healthy Damon! Robinson Cano also with his head problems and mental mistakes future .340 hitter or not also can be replaced we have Tavaras , Tabata , Manzinillo etc. etc. and 2nd base isnt hard to find a stop gap , just ask the Bosox

BiLLyBALLER DOESN'T agree with me on Cabrera , but how can you pass on "Manny Ramirez type numbers in the NL the guy can flat out hit!

I know he "Miguel Cabrera" gets the moniker of being fat lazy and likes to party and eat too much, but Giardi likes him, and you're not getting any closer to Manny then that and Dontrelle Willis too he's 2 years removed from a 22 game winner
Put these guys in a new winning athmospere who knows what they can do, they can revitalize? Guys like Miguel Cabrera dont come along every day! at worse he can DH play 1b or even RF if needed, and you know he can hit!


wang and kennedy with a hitting prospect for santana

free agency


---> 2 for the bullpen and andruw jones.............. and that's "Andruw Jones" only if we dont pick up Cabrera,

............if not we better start playing the Austin Jackson's and Jose Tabata's and Shelly Duncan's of the world, give them there SHOT!
because other teams are going to line up there lefty pitchers against us otherwise

but first and foremost re-sign Posada give him his 4