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Thursday, November 08, 2007


More then a thirdbaseman at 55 HR 130+RBI. what we WILL MISS THE MOST in losing in a Power righty bat in between all those leftys protecting them at cleanup, which will be missed the most!

Now I think Arod knows he's made a bad decision in opting out,
I dont believe he thought it would go like this.
Yes he might still get his 30mil ............. But I do believe that he thought the Yankees would bid on him too.

Now "Arob the 350 million dollar man" he may only get 5 or 6 years, not the 8 or 10 years he desires, and he might not get 30 mil but only 25 or even 20 mil, as there isnt alot of buzz in signing him thus far to this date.

30 mil is alot to play for a player, where as that money can be spent more wisely on 2 or 3 a+ pitchers prospects

Yankes General Manager Brian Cashman will offer Arod arbitration and who knows Arod a public relations media whore who knows he percieved as a villan might take it now, giving the Yankees a discount?

However this is highly doubtfull!

..........Cashman is only doing this so if they do lose Arod they will be compensated with two high draft picks basically, shrewd move!

But really we should move on!

...............So how do you replace Arod?

You dont!
You cant!

But we can still get someone of Bernie William's stature to bat cleanup inbetween the lefty bats of Bobby Abreu's and Hideki Matsui's, Jason Giambi's and Jorge Posada's

One such suggestion this editor made although staff member disagrees with me is


((((btw that's suppose to read shelly duncan NOT eric above)))))

The next suggestion is to make a trade?

We have so much talent in the minors Austin Jackson, Jose Tabata, Brett Gardner and more pitchers then I can shake a stick at ,that we cant possibily try them all out!
we need to trade some of them?------------>


miguel cabrera and D willis


melky, cano, tabata and a few mid level pitcher maybee one "A" pitching prospect?

to .... me melky a energizer type player enthuisiasm can be replaced by a Gardner OR a healthy Damon! Robinson Cano also with his head problems and mental mistakes future .340 hitter or not also can be replaced we have Tavaras , Tabata , Manzinillo etc. etc. and 2nd base isnt hard to find a stop gap , just ask the Bosox

BiLLyBALLER DOESN'T agree with me on Cabrera , but how can you pass on "Manny Ramirez type numbers in the NL the guy can flat out hit!

I know he "Miguel Cabrera" gets the moniker of being fat lazy and likes to party and eat too much, but Giardi likes him, and you're not getting any closer to Manny then that and Dontrelle Willis too he's 2 years removed from a 22 game winner
Put these guys in a new winning athmospere who knows what they can do, they can revitalize? Guys like Miguel Cabrera dont come along every day! at worse he can DH play 1b or even RF if needed, and you know he can hit!


wang and kennedy with a hitting prospect for santana

free agency


---> 2 for the bullpen and andruw jones.............. and that's "Andruw Jones" only if we dont pick up Cabrera,

............if not we better start playing the Austin Jackson's and Jose Tabata's and Shelly Duncan's of the world, give them there SHOT!
because other teams are going to line up there lefty pitchers against us otherwise

but first and foremost re-sign Posada give him his 4


Anonymous said...

wang, kennedy, and a prospect for santana. are you seriously nuts? santana is coming off a decent year not great though. no way i part with wang and kennedy. not for johan.

Anonymous said...

i agree. also, the yankees need to focus on young talent with a mix of veterans like the 1996, 98, 99, and 2000 teams. we Dont need superstars like miguel.

BaLLBuSTa said...

They need to forget about Miguel Cabrera and trade for Tejada who will come much cheaper and not at the expense of the "trinity" of Joba, Hughes and Kennedy

I wouldn't trade for Miggy or throw in Kennedy unless Willis is in the deal. I wouldn't trade for Santana he'll be a FA next year. I'd start playing Phillips and bring up Austin Jackson or sign A.Jones for righty power and balance.

We can go a year without making the playoffs to rebuild a dynasty!

MickeyMantLe07 said...

You have to pull the trade to get Miggy and D-Willis, if it's only kennedy and or cabrera , cano and somebody like Tabata, You've got a proven commidity in Miguel Cabrera and D-Willis to guy's that may never pan out and end to be another Drew Henson

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